ROFRA turns out approximately 250 million vials a year, doing so with a qualified staff of 50, working in three shifts.The range is increased on average by 5 % each year.

There are four production departments:

  • Manufacture of primary packaging materials (tubular glass), nominal contents between 6 and 50ml – for the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Miniature glass bottle production (for perfume or samples), nominal contents between 1 and 6 ml
  • Print preparation and printing department
  • Glass-blowing workshop, where glass apparatus are made for chemical and pharmaceutical use

The installation of state-of-the-art machinery with optoelectronic monitoring has enabled ROFRA to run the production process with high efficiency and rapid reflection of customer wishes.

In the workshop, the skills are those of traditional glass-blowing.The workers constructing the glass apparatus know their trade so well that the expression of customers’ wishes is assured.

Whether made by hand or by machine, all ROFRA’s products meet the same high standards of quality.The company has operated a quality management system since 1994.


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